Top 5 Social Media Networks For Travel Agency & Tourism In Dubai

Top 5 Social Media Networks For Travel Agency & Tourism In Dubai

In spit of growing number of social media network out there, yet so many travel agencies in Dubai are unaware of this huge opportunities. There are over 500 travel agencies in UAE, and Dubai claiming over half of this companies.

Increasing sales in a travel agency are never been easy until the era of social media marketing.  Every business wants to sell more but they often forgot their income highly depend on the level marketing strategies and quality of services they provide.

In today`s world, most travel companies are crushing it with social media alone while others depend on Newspaper, the passer by and another traditional form of marketing to make just a few sales.

I have taken the time to analyze which social media network works best for travel agencies and has the biggest influence on travelers. Am here to give you my Top 5 social media network I think is best for Dubai travel agencies and tourism companies in UAE.

1. Facebook

top 5 social media network in dubai

Facebook has over 1.5 Billion active users, which means virtually everyone is on this platform.

Over 95% of UAE  residents are on Social media and mainly Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

This makes it a powerful tool to reach the most audience in this region.

Facebook gives you the access to create a mini website known as “Fan Page” that allows you to post contents and connect with people who show interest in your products or services.

The key feature of this platform is the ability to engage with your audience, which makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools for you to succeed as a travel agent.

On this social network, you can post captivating content, chat, post killer travel photographs, video of trips, offers and respond to feedback from your customers.

Facebook is the best social media marketing tool to crush it as a travel agency. If you really want to make a difference in your business, boost your sales and reach more clients then, you must make this network as part of your marketing strategy.



2. Twitter

Twitter is a loud social media with over 500 million users. It is great for posting short stories or news know as “tweets.” It is commonly used for microblogging and if users show interest in your content they show the expression by Retweeting the post.

Twitter allows  Individuals with similar interests to communicate with each other and share their experiences and stories.

On Twitter, you can make a list of users that have similar interest such as “Vacations in Dubai”, track what people are saying about you or any related business.

You can easily make your “Trips offers” to go viral with Twitter messages.

If you don’t have this social media in connection with your company, people a less likely to trust your company when making a buy decision. it is a great platform for Tourism companies, the travel agency in Dubai and other Emirates to reach out to more clients.


3. Instagram

Instagram is similar and next to Facebook with over 700 Million active users.

I see Instagram as another social media network for travel agencies to share some trip videos, travel offers, tourism pictures.

The nature of Instagram makes it popular for the tourism sector.

You can post photos or video spotlight on this media as inspiration to travelers and connect the experience within a destination. Instagram gives you an emotional connection with you and your audience.


4. Pinterest

It is a user-friendly media network for everyone. Pinterest is a highly inspirational board for images and videos.

People come to the network to search for other people’s content. You can post photos of trips, vacation, hotel, offers on your boards.

The more optimized pictures you post on Pinterest the higher your visibility as people can search and find your post easily.


5. TripAdvisor

This is the world’s best travel site for Hotels, Travel Agencies, and Tourism, expert.

Once your product and services are live on this platform, TripAdvisor will help you reach to millions of customers and qualified travel buyers looking for trips.

Also, you will be listed on most leading travel websites by having an account on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor allows you to add details of your travel services, add photos, tag location, add a description and other important details.

The more positive review you have on this website, the higher chances people will book for your service. It is important you maintain positive and unbiased reviews from your customer as it will boost your sales.