I believe most dental practice understood the importance of dental marketing. It’s essential to make your practice thrive in this information age.


We understand dental practice may have an idea of marketing, but the question is what marketing method is suitable for me? 


In this blog, I will reveal 7 most effective and proven ways to attract patients to your dental practice and, when combined, it will yield a massive result.

1. Get Involved in a Community

To be part of a community is a way to advertise your practice by word of mouth. The dental practice relies heavily on the local community to attract patients. That is why you should get involved in local gatherings where your practice is located.


Be part of the local community such as attending a festival, join foundations, volunteer to teach people at schools or local universities about dental hygiene. These are sure ways to get referrals to your dental practice.

2. Build An Online Community

The Internet has become a way of life, and everyone is online. Facebook is an excellent platform to start a community of dental patients.

You may narrow down your objective such as; to educate people on dental hygiene and other relevant information that will spark conversation.  


You will be shocked at the result you will get doing something like this that most practice neglect. I know of a few individuals who are getting a lot of patients from an online community.


3. Focus on Local SEO

Do you have a website? It is time to invest in Local SEO. Since you rely heavily on your immediate community or city, you must pay attention to local SEO.


Let me explain what the terms “Local SEO” means

Let’s say your dental practice is located in Media City, Dubai. Your focus keyword should be targeted within your area of practice. Who cares, if a patient in Abu Dhabi finds your site if you’re based in Dubai.


It also helps your audience to find you easily when they are Googling a nearby dentist, or when they are using Voice search to find a Local dentist “near me”


4. Create a Stunning Lead Generation website

I used the word “Lead generation” because your website should do the job of capturing the information of visitors that came to your website.

Your website should look stunning and captivating. There are 80% chances your potential patient will first look up your practice online before making move.


If you don’t have a website you are making a big mistake and losing out on a lot of potential patients who could have found you online. First impression matters, it’s important to have a nice looking and stunning website to attract more patients.


5. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of providing value on your website inform of blogging or e-books giveaway.to attracts patients.

This method of marketing is reliable and dependable and, will convert visitors to patients as long as your website is still in existence.


Content marketing will boost your website ranking on search engines (Google), and bring in more traffic to your website.


6. Run AdWords Campaign

Advertising on Google can instantly drive traffic and sales if done properly. Google Adwords is a powerful advertising platform that displays your website in front of a potential patient when they are searching for a certain keyword like “Media City dentist”

Running Adwords campaign will boost your sales and bring in more patients to your practice. So, it’s time to spend some advertising budget on this amazing platform.

7. Email Marketing (Newsletter)

Email marketing for patients

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool to double your sales and have a repeated patient. When visitors come to your website, they have some intention to buy your service, else they wouldn’t be searching for it in the first place.


That is why I mentioned earlier, your website must do a good job to capture the information of a potential patient. People will always search around for the best offers or deals.


If you do a good job of capturing their information by giving them something for free in exchange with their email and phone number.

From here, you will kick in the email marketing system to convert them to your patient through constant Newsletter and engagements via email.