Mindset – Changing The Way You think To Fulfill Your Potential

In a nutshell, mindsets can be one of two main types: fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. People with the fixed mindset believe their personalities, social skills, capabilities, intelligence among other traits are born with them and thus cannot be changed or improved.

As a result, they usually tend to give up quickly and almost instantly in the face of life’s obstacles and difficulties. People with the growth mindset, however, believe in growth and learning.

They believe that any and all areas of their lives can be improved upon with hard work and learning. As a result, they tend to persevere in the face of all different kinds of challenges and problems.

And Carol talks about all that in five important areas of life: relationships, parenting, teaching, business and sports. I highly recommend this book!


A Growth Mindset is more than just having a positive mental attitude, as Carol Dweck so beautifully describes in this book. Our choice is to operate with a Fixed or a Growth Mindset, and the implications are far reaching.

Those with a Growth Mindset believe that our capacity can be developed, embrace challenge, persist in spite of difficulties, understand that effort is the path to mastery, learn from criticism and are inspired by the success of others. The result? A higher level of achievement.

Those with a Fixed Mindset believe that our capacity is fixed or static. They avoid challenges, give up early, believe effort is fruitless, ignore negative feedback and are threatened by the success of others. The result is they plateau early.

This concept is particularly relevant to how we raise our children. Compliment their efforts and persistence. Reward their perseverance and encourage them to learn from the success of others. Encourage a growth mindset.


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