The Art of War by Sun Tzu

I want to tell future readers of this book in this way. I read it first when I was 14 or 15. I thought it was a book on how to smartly fight a war.

Then I re-read it when I was 28 and it occurred to me that it may be an instruction book on how to navigate an honorable life. Years passed and I recently found it at the bottom of a box in my closet. I read it again at age 56.



I realized it has more to offer. If you read this book, you will actively have to replace Sun Tzus’ ancient terms and placement of hierarchy and apply them to modern situations and people.

Family, bosses, neighbors, employees and the list goes on. It is my belief that this “manual” can help solve minor and major disruptions in life if used correctly. It is a book meant for good.

Sun Tzu taught me that in order to overwhelm a force superior in numbers, a great commander must disguise his own numbers and employ subterfuge to sow doubt and terror among his enemy’s ranks.


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