Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires

Tools of Titans…is the perfect read for obsessives wanting to boost their new year productivity.”
After listening to Tim Tim Talk Talk for about a year now. As I sit down to write this, I’m finding it quite difficult to express exactly how I feel about the book, and what Ferriss ultimately represents.

I found his podcast at a very difficult time in my life, where I was searching for a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. At about 3 am, I stumbled upon Tim Ferriss. Since then, my life has changed dramatically.



The content in this book is incredibly helpful not only in terms of the actual information, but what the information represents. It proves to the reader that those Billionaires, Icons, and legends are just people.

They all had difficult child hoods, periods of massive failure, and times where they felt hopeless. They made it from there to the top simply by doing what works, and ignoring what doesn’t, day after day after day. If I could, I’d distribute this book to every person on earth.

Not because each person needs a chillipad, or exogenous ketones or whatever, but because each person needs to realize that the future is malleable, and daily habits are the paint by which we create our destiny. There are no secrets, or hacks, or tactics reserved for the special elite. It’s all right here, in this book. Its simply a matter of applying what will help you, ignoring what won’t, and taking advice only from those who have a life you’d like to emulate.

So thanks Tim. Please continue with what you’re doing. I have a suspicion that in twenty years, there will be a lot of people who will cite this book and podcast as the thing that turned their life around. Be happy about that. It all really does make a difference.


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